Mukul Chuh


I'm Mukul Chugh


I am a freelancer based in India and I have been building noteworthy UX/UI designs and websites ever since my high school. I help convert a vision and an idea into meaningful and useful products. Having a sharp eye for product evolution helps me prioritize tasks, iterate fast and deliver faster.

I Can help you build a kickass brand.

I believe in integrating the very essence of a brand’s ideology on virtual platforms 

UI/UX Design
Brand Strategy
2016 - Present - Freelancing

I've been taking up freelancing jobs for development and design since 2016

Social Disqus - Frontend Developer

Worked as frontend developer @SocialDisqus, an online social awareness platform.

2020 - Guby Rogers

I'm working at Guby Rogers as a full-time technical lead and brand strategist.

My Work Experience

I’ve got a chance to work with some amazing people and to learn from the experience. 


Check out my Work
Surjit Singh Grover - Frontend Development
Amizone UI/UX Dashboard Design
Guby Rogers Frontend Development

My Services

I'm Available For Work


I can help you grow your online presence and create a brand out of your product.

Web Development

Developing websites/web apps is my forte and area of interest.

Digital Marketing

I've been involved in digital marketing from a very long time, lets increase your brand's online presence.

UI/UX Design

I can design a product using the famous UI/UX tools like Adobe XD and Figma.

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Always available for freelance work if the right project comes along, Feel free to contact me!
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