We feel uneasy to carry bag or box with us; food producers use this chance to make money by selling canned foods.
Canned foods are highly acidic why those food producers to pack. Instead of canned food, go with fresh vegetables and fruits which give you a lot of natural energy.


Just like white bread, all naturals are removed while processing the essential thing of white rice is germs and grain is removed. When the naturals are removed then what else, nothing left in it. Do you know the real rice color? That’s brown which best food for diabetes.


You might have thought soya is a healthy food which has protein. But unfortunately your ideology went to wrong how in US, the soya is modified genetically. Soya contains phytoestrogen, it’s a substance which found only in few plant which helps to manage hormone balance in our body. It may cause allergic reactions especially kids. Another term of Soy is Soya.


Salad is one the best choice to lose weight which has much nutritious and fewer calories. First we must understand, all salads are healthy, which are drenched with cream. But it would be as tasty as they added flavor, it has a lot of calories. Here you thought went wrong without your knowledge.


The fact is Alcohol is a refined juice from natural foods. This alcohol produces more and more estrogen in your body but this estrogen enriches your fat.

Alcohol increases your appetite, you might have noticed, some restaurant offers you alcohol before you eat food.


Yes you must avoid white bread based foods like sandwich and etc. Because its spike your sugar level as it’s a starting point of many health issues.

To be a healthy human being, better we avoid white foods.


While they producing, they remove all natural fats, add some unnatural fats. Natural fats are really essential to build cells with fat. These types of margarine, leads to heart related problems, bone problems and cancer etc. Don’t be foolish one by their excellent marketing ideas.

We listed out the top 10 worst foods you should never eat here to know what is the fact behind this. Gather more, be alive to live.

How to Run/Install Whatsapp On Ubuntu

Thinking of How to Run whatsapp on Ubuntu? What do users of computers running Linux? Solution found for Ubuntu. It is necessary to use the emulator Android – Genymotion.Lost or temporarily got lost phone can lead you to think that time would have to finally keep all your contacts to WhatsApp. Well, maybe you just appreciate their time and effort to streamline in one format all data – whether it be phone, tablet, PC or laptop. There is a possibility that the use of a computer keyboard for you to be more comfortable than the touch screen or the buttons of the phone. And a large computer screen is much easier even 5-inch screen smartphone So, Check out to Run whatsapp on Ubuntu

How to Run Whatsapp On Ubuntu :

In Windows, you can start Whatsapp, using one of the emulators Android, such as Bluestacks. But under Linux Bluestacks does not work to Run whatsapp on Ubuntu. However, this is not a sentence. Install and use WhatsApp on Linux possible. To do this, use the appropriate emulator.

Android emulator for Linux – Genymotion 

The simplest solution – use Genymotion  – software emulator Android. If you find the term “emulator” is not familiar, let us explain. Emulator – is an application that allows you to run one operating system running another. In our case, we want to run Android on Linux.

Genymotion – is one of several emulators Android, you can put under Linux. It is simple to install and use for both beginners and experienced Linux users to Run whatsapp on Ubuntu.

You can download Android pre containers to emulate a wide variety of device-specific versions of the OS or Android. Under each of the virtual devices you own and allocate the amount of memory and the amount of hard disk space to Run whatsapp on Ubuntu. OpenGL hardware acceleration is used to improve the work in full screen mode. And on the emulated SD card, you can easily drag and drop files. Poddrzhivayutsya even additional sensors and “thingies”, such as a flashlight, a gyroscope and an accelerometer.

Before installing Genymotion, you need to download Oracle and install VirtualBox. Then, register on the site Genymotion, download and install this application to Run whatsapp on Ubuntu. It’s enough to double click on the downloaded file.

After installing Genymotion, run the application. You will be prompted to choose to emulate one of the smartphones. Make your selection and click Next. On the server at the same time to download some additional files. After a short period of time the application Genymotion will be fully ready to go.

Click “start” to “turn on the phone” and set the date and time. Then, download and install WhatsApp.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Download APK file format directly from WhatsApp.com. (“APK” – this is the format of installation files for the OS Android)
  2. Download and install the application Genymotion from Google Play Store.

In this case, you will need to set up your account as Google and sync it with your contacts WhatsApp. To do this, download the package “applications Google for the version of Android, for which you have launched a virtual device. This information is displayed immediately after the name of your device – such as “Motorola Moto X – 4.4.2“.


Save the zip file to your desktop Ubuntu. Then drag it to the virtual device without unpacking. Before proceeding to the next step virtual device will require a reboot.

Then, open the application Google Play App, and as usual sign-in Google. All other applications Google Play can be ignored. Just when you install click “OK” and that’s all.

WhatsApp Settings

To configure the messenger, you will need to conduct your phone number manually. Checking via SMS is not possible, because your mobile device is virtual. Fortunately, there is voice verification – using the “call me“. If the phone is not at hand, use a stranger, insert your new SIM or to confirm the test.

There are other ways to run Android on Linux, though they require more time and resources.

You can also install WhatsApp on top of the emulator Windows Wine. But there is a caveat, we note that such a facility on Wine – extremely buggy and unbearably slow on machines that have less than 2.5 GB of RAM.

Best Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss

Hello modern youngsters, have you ever noticed your forehead? If not, check now, hair fall is a usual one for many gents, but it’s a crucial moment for them if they fall in love with a pretty girl. There are numerous ways to stop hair loss not only with English medicines, our traditional methods have much power for this issue. Here, we are going to give Best Remedies to prevent hair loss so that we can get back hair growth. First, you should know the fact behind the hair loss.

The Normal Hair Loss- Don’t worry about it

We all loss some hair daily, it’s a form of normal hair loss when we comb our hair or if you brush your hair everyday. Usually we lose around 80-100 strands everyday as hair loss its life cycle. If you face this issue daily basis, don’t need to worry about it. Just go with stress-less and balanced diet. If it’s a abnormal loss, you have to consider as problem. There are several ways to loss hair. Few are, thyroid problems, vitamins deficiency and menopause time for ladies and etc.Whatever it is , you must go with some home remedies first to prevent hair loss.


Best Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss


Head massage is one of the best remedies to prevent hair loss. How massaging your scalp so important?. It will enhance the blood circulation to scalp, if blood flow to follicles of hair,it surely strengthen the hair roots. Massaging your head helps you to open blood vessels to get nutrients. Hair is also a part of your body, its also require sufficient nutrients to grow and to be strong ever. Proper oil massage also prevent from dandruff which is also a important

factor of hair loss. Not only massaging give you this benefit, it gives you relax, relieve your stress. A question may arise in your mind that what are the oil can be used to do oil massage?

Oils to Prevent Hair Loss

There are 3 types of oils

  1. Herbal oils
  2. Essential oils
  3. Carrier oils

List of Herbal oils

Coconut Oil Massage

Coconut oil is the best one for preventing hair loss. Extensively this oil is used in india mostly, no one can have doubt about Indian ladies hair how it possess. Coconut oil acts as a cover by prevent from hair loss.

Olive oil Massage

Olive oil also best one as its rich in antioxidants and thus provide great nourishment to hair. Its also penetrates into hair deeply, it gives rich vitamin E and promotes hair growth.

Almond oil massage:

Almond oil gives rich contents that has vitamins E,D, iron, calcium and fats.But it absorbed slowly ,makes it perfect base for essential oils. We can get benefit of both essential and herbal oil.

Best Foods To Prevent Hair Loss

If you don’t eat healthy food, applying oil doesn’t gives you juice. If we don’t have right nutrition to hair, surely it will lead to loss hair.

Vitamins A & C

Vitamins played a important role to hair growth. But never go with overboard. If you eat much, it will also lead to hair loss

Vitamin A rich foods

Vitamin C rich foods

Iron Rich Foods

Iron is the main factor , it’s the carrier of oxygen within our body. If less oxygen in our body, its tells us that poor blood circulation which leads to hair loss.

Eat Protein Rich Foods

Naturally hair is made up of protein. If you don’t have protein rich food, you loss your hair surely.

Foods must have

Eat Zinc Rich Foods

Zinc deficiency is also a main cause of hair loss as zinc builds proteins which is essential to hair growth, it creates DNA and boost hair growth

Follow these instructions regularly, you will get 100% benefit and these are the Best Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss.